In 2015 Ubisoft worked closely with our sister company Monorex to design and produce graffiti graphics to go in the third person shooter game Tom Clancy's The Division. Ahead of the game's launch in 2016 Ubisoft approached High Rise to design and paint a 20m mural depicting the destruction of New York City in the game. 

Working closely with Ubisoft's creative team our designer compiled the mural design from hundreds of game screenshots, Our team of artists then set to work painting the photo-real mural in a record 4 days. 

The following week 6000 $1 notes from the game were attached to the wall with the game tagline 'When Society Falls, We Rise' scrawled across them. The public scrambled, climbing onto electricity boxes and using sticks to grab the $1 notes of green poison, winning prizes such as Xbox's, Tom Clancy merch and even a trip for two to New York!